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Downriver Whisky- Harvest Blend

Downriver Whisky- Harvest Blend

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Harvest Blend is a multi-grain whisky made by blending our own corn, rye, barley, wheat, and oat whiskies. Fermented, distilled, aged, and bottled at our distillery in the heart of the St.John River Valley of New Brunswick, Canada.

Harvest Blend est un whisky de multi-grain obtenu en mélangeant nos propres whiskies de maïs, de seigle, d'orge, de blé et d'avoine. Fermenté, distillé, vieilli et mis en bouteille dans notre distillerie au cœur de la vallée de la rivière Saint-Jean au Nouveau-Brunswick, Canada


750ml bottle

Approx. 900 bottles in batch.

Mash, distillation and barrel specs:

Aged in virgin and 2nd fill American Oak barrels. youngest barrel is 3 years old.
 All grains used are organic and locally grown. This blend is a combination of 4 different mash bill recipes. Pot and column distilled.

Tasting notes:
Nose- Nectarine and pear, somewhat tropical aroma. Cardamom and dried oak. Sponge toffee and roasted almond. Light smoky aroma.
Taste- Tangerines and toasted oak. leather, black pepper and coconut. Semi-dry mouth feel. 
Finish- Nutty, Pear, bitter citrus and coconut. Long finish.
Distiller's thoughts- This whisky has similarity to other Downriver expressions but still unlike anything we've released yet. Perhaps due to the 5 grains it has been derived from and the unique choice of yeasts, it has a novel tropical feel from our other whisky releases. Young, light bodied and summer feeling. Very easy to drink neat due to it being a grain whisky and light chill filtering at 43% alcohol. I'm certain that this one will play very well in cocktails with its fruity notes and it already reminds me of an Old Fashioned when drank neat. Overall, I believe this is a great whisky for the price.

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